November News

Broadway is full of action! This week, we hosted our first ever field trip to the Sacramento Zoo. Three teachers and 17 students took the excursion; many of our students had either never been or haven’t been since elementary school.  It was the perfect Fall day to watch high schoolers filled with awe (and sometimes disgust) at the animals. The highlights of the day were giraffe tongues, ant-eater noses, glow-in-the-dark-frogs, and ape butts! We even got to hear the lions roar- an unforgettable experience for sure.

On Tuesday night, Broadway hosted our first FAFSA workshop for student sand parents. Counselor Erika G. and teacher Erica C.(or as I call them Erikca squared) ordered pizzas and stayed late into the evening helping students begin and complete their online financial aid applications so that they can enter college next year.  This was an important and positive extension of what we do to support our students! Much thanks to the Erik/cas!

New Teacher Spotlight: Erica Cornwell

I am honored to introduce one of our amazing new teachers, Erica Cornwell. Erica is an international individual who was born in Mexico City, however she’s lived in Mexico, Italy, Venezuala, Brazil, and Hawaii throughout her life. She moved to Sacramento 5 years ago from Oahu, and has been in education for over 22 years. She holds an MA in Marine Science and is credentialed in Multiple Subjects, SPED, and Science.  This semester, Broadway has benefited from her strong background in science; Erica recently created our CP Biology course so that Broadway students can earn CP credit through their participation in labs right here on site. We now have weekly science instruction going on in addition to 2 beautiful new fish tanks for students and visitors to enjoy.  We thought about creating a new mascot, however the “Rio Valley Guppies” hasn’t quite caught on yet! At any rate, you will frequently see her classroom overflowing with students who want to hang out with her as much as they want to learn from her. Erica is ready and willing to step up and support students and staff in any way she can, and we are both thrilled and fortunate to have her on site.